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As an attorney with over 20 years of experience, I possess a wealth of business law knowledge and expertise and can review and prepare contracts in each of the following areas.

– Contractor.

– Development.

– Employment.

– Formation.

– Funding.

– Governance.

– Insurance.

– Leasing.

– Licensing.

– Manufacturing.

– Regulatory.

– Real Estate.

– Risk Management.

– Transactional.

– Vendor.

– Warranty.

I also stand at the ready to provide advisement and simply work through problems that your business may experience. Again, consultation is free, and I’d love to help you succeed.




Avoiding litigation where possible is the best strategy.  I can review situations and advise clients on minimizing risk.  Sometimes, real-time advice is the most cost-effective and relationship-saving avenue because it allows parties to work out potential conflicts instead of waiting until the end of the project when positions have hardened and the parties feel more invested in litigation.  As a practitioner I have led hundreds of arbitrations and mediations,  and as a Judge Pro Tem for over ten years I have settled hundreds of cases. 

When problems cannot be prevented or resolved through planning or negotiation, I am prepared for aggressive prosecution or vigorous defense of the client's legal rights.  I have successfully represented individuals, small businesses, and large corporations in actions in both state and federal court in cases.



With experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants, I possess the knowledge, the sophistication, and the flexibility to achieve your desired results.  As a plaintiff’s attorney, I have won jury trials worth as much as $2,800,000.  As a defense attorney, I have saved clients from trial claims in the millions of dollars.

For individuals, I have represented clients in the following types of actions:

-  Wrongful death and serious injury.

-  Medical malpractice.

-  Construction contract breach.

-  Product defect.

-  Intentional and negligent tort cases resulting in physical injury (including environmental and vehicle incidents).


For small businesses, I have represented clients in the following types of actions:

-  Breach of contract.

-  Theft of intellectual property.

-  Unfair competition practices.

-  Construction issues.

-  Tort actions.

-  Bonds.


For corporations, I have represented clients in the following types of actions;

-  Bonds.

-  Breach of business contract.

-  Employment discrimination.

-  Bad faith.

-  Bankruptcy claims and petitions.


I also have experience representing clients in proceedings before administrative agencies and arbitration panels.


Please contact me directly for a free consultation concerning any issue you may have.