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Cleantech companies have special needs. Whether it is advice on corporate formation, securing funding, transactional contract creation, regulatory review and compliance, plant construction, bonding, or litigation, I am available to assist you.

As someone who shares your passion for clean technology, I am well-versed in all cleantech matters. I am the Vice President of the Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association and am an active member of a number of cleantech organizations. I engage in public speaking as a clean technology advocate, and walk the walk with a home photovoltaic system, an electric car, and (self-built) electric motorcycle.

My cleantech clients include a solar module manufacturer, electric vehicle conversion business, energy audit and retrofit business, LED manufacturer, solar marketer, solar developer, start-ups, and building contractors.

My cleantech work includes preparation and review of a variety of agreements, including construction, EPC, financing and funding, purchase orders, real estate, sales, service, shipping, supply, technology, vender, and warranties. I have researched and advised regarding bonding, employment, environmental issues, insurance, land use, licensing, regulatory compliance (including Buy American, DOE loan grants, government contracting, NEPA, product safety certification), RFPs, and permitting. I provide advice re business modeling, business growth, executive structure, project management, and risk management.

Energy-related technologies are affected by a maze of governmental laws and policies at the local, state, and federal level. I will work with you to sort through that maze to ensure compliance and to assist you in seeking out which policies will be an advantage to your industry and company. Sometimes your company may simply need a forceful advocate – something that I am both suited for and exceptionally motivated to do.

For cleantech construction issues such as solar plants, I bring expertise in contract analysis, construction analysis, EPC development and analysis, liability analysis, and consideration of potential Bonds and payment obligations. I have considerable experience concerning large-scale construction projects: the same elements that regularly come into play – contract analysis, construction analysis, liability analysis, warrantee analysis, consideration of potential Bonds and payment obligations – will be present in cleantech construction projects. Yet, in addition, other factors may come into play as well: potentially-complex regulatory mandates, yield expectations (and potential damages for energy production shortfalls), continuing operations and maintenance contracts, data management service agreements, etc. I anticipate the issues that may arise in such cleantech construction, management, and production projects, promptly raise and address issues, and counsel the best course of action. My skillset is ideal for such matters.

Because I recognize that some cleantech companies are start-up ventures, I am focused on providing efficient and cost-effective service. I would eagerly welcome the chance to discuss your needs with you.